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Welcome to your resource for a life-changing spiritual journey. May you find what you need.

My name is Lucie and I am a writer, yoga teacher and student, and life-adventurer. Since my childhood I suffered from atopic dermatitis, a chronic skin disease, which lead me to study natural medicine, astrology, spiritual teachings, and yoga. I share my experience with yoga, travels, books, and health on this website.

Your guide to atopic dermatitis

Atopic dermatitis cure

Conventional medicine hasn’t helped you so far? Well, it can’t, because it doesn’t deal with primary causes of a disease. Let’s have a look at atopic dermatitis in a very different way …

Did you know we can control our genes? Through our way of life, we can either trigger or dampen genetic predispositions to certain conditions. Eating specific foods can regulate our genes and significantly help with atopic eczema.

Do you want to treat your atopic eczema purely naturally? Many natural therapies have long been used in traditional folk medicine, recently scientifically proven and have their deserved place in this book.

Have you already dealt with mental causes and purpose (!) of your atopic eczema?

This book explains all aspects of the disease that go deep to genetic and emotional causes. The book is based on the author’s life-long experience, on the knowledge of naturopathy and on the latest scientific evidence.


9,71 USD

(Kindle edition)

14,90 USD


Your guide to the Czech Republic

Czech Republic – A Local’s Guide

With this guidebook, you’ll see the country by the eyes of a local and learn about remote places that are often left out. This guidebook is different, sincere, and personal.

I was born and have lived in the Czech Republic for most of my life, and thanks to my extensive travels, I know what kind of information you need to know when exploring a new country. You’ll get an insight into the real Czech culture, habits, mentality, politics, cuisine, and important historical context.

The book is intended for everyone who travels in order to expand their horizons and learn. Whether you’re a tourist or you’re planning to stay longer, you’ll get all the information you need to understand Czech Republic and have an enjoyable stay.

Apart from usual touristic information, you’ll also learn:

♦ what expats living in the Czech Republic have to say about their life here, and what peculiarities might cause you a culture shock;

♦ to always, ALWAYS take off your shoes when entering a Czech household;

♦ where the Easter tradition of men whipping women comes from;

♦ what life in communist countries used to look like;

how Czechs feel about Germans and Russians (who occupied the country in the last century);

where you find the best beer.

4,47 USD

(Kindle edition)

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