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Hey, I’m Lucie

I’m a writer, yogi, astrologer, and life-adventurer. I created this website to share my spiritual journey and support other fellow souls like you in their own quest.

You can achieve ANYTHING you truly want.

Just 2 years ago, I worked full-time as a landscape architect in Munich. Although my life seemed perfect from the outside, I was missing something. A purpose. Every day I would get up, do my morning yoga practice, drive to work, sit at the table and do pretty much the same tasks, come home, go for a run to a beautiful nearby forest, eat a delicious dinner with my boyfriend, crack a bottle of wine, go to sleep, and all over again.

“That can’t be it,” I kept thinking. The thought of living my whole life in this stereotype was driving me crazy.

Eventually, I quit my job, and two years later, I’m based in Sydney, I’ve published three books, I’ve become a yoga teacher, travelled on my own through countries like Laos or India, and lived life-changing experiences and adventures.

We all have the choice to live to our fullest potential. Happiness is a choice.

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Traditional Chinese Medicine and Coronavirus

A cure is never too far from the poison The nature—or Universe—always holds both opposites of anything, and both poison and antidote are usually to be found not far from each other. Therefore, from a transcendental and naturopathic point of view, it makes great sense...

Culture shock triggers: Czech Republic

Culture shock triggers: Czech Republic

I remember visiting Hanoi for the first time, unable to walk out of my hostel. The chaotic Vietnamese traffic seemed frightening to me. That’s when I learned the real meaning of the term „culture shock.“ I’ve overcome the shock eventually - and even visited Hanoi for...

4 things that you didn’t know came from the Czech Republic

4 things that you didn’t know came from the Czech Republic

1. Mole (in Czech Krteček) No, of course I don’t think that Czechs invented the small animal. The Mole (in the Czech original called Krtek, or, for little mole, Krteček) is an animated series character, created by Czech animator Zdeněk Miler. The premiere of the first...

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