Boost Your Immune System

against the Coronavirus

…with Traditional Natural Medicine

Get to know the most powerful natural antivirals and stay safe from COVID-19


→ Isatidis

→ Amalaki

→ Ginger

→ Chinese Skullcap

→ and dozens of other herbs that have been scientifically proven effective against viral respiratory diseases, including SARS and COVID-19.

Did you know that…

In many Asian countries, traditional herbal medicine has been used to effectively treat SARS during the pandemic in 2003, H1N1 influenza during the pandemic in 2009, and recently also for prevention and treatment of COVID-19?

This book presents the most powerful and safe natural antivirals that will help you prevent and treat COVID-19, SARS, influenza, and other respiratory diseases. It is a unique review of medicinal herbs, supported by dozens of scientific studies, research, and clinical use around the globe. Many of the underlying mechanisms of medicinal herbs have been scientifically proven, and this new book reveals their power in both prevention and treatment of viral respiratory infections.

Using these natural remedies will lower the chances for the virus to survive in your organism, and they will enhance your immunity against the new coronavirus as well as other pathogens.

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Boost Your Immune System against the Coronavirus and Other Pathogens:

Food Supplements and Traditional Chinese Remedies against Viral Respiratory Diseases

Published: April 27, 2020

Format: Ebook (Epub, Pdf)

Length: 82 Pages in paperback version 6x9in

Take control over your health and boost your immune system with this thorough guidebook through the incredible world of natural antivirals!

You won’t regret your purchase!

Why should you read this book?

Shortly, because the conventional medicine claims there’s no prevention or cure for COVID-19, but China has been quite successful in fighting the virus, and over 85% of the confirmed cases have been treated with traditional Chinese medicine.[i]

Let me tell you more…

As of February 2020, the whole world has been dealing with rapid spread of a new type of coronavirus, causing a disease COVID-19. Experts expect a second outbreak of COVID-19 within one year, and chances are high that new mutations of coronavirus will emerge in the future.

The symptoms range widely in severity, even leading to death, and there’s currently no officially approved cure or vaccine available. Nevertheless, there are many traditional natural products to prevent and control infectious diseases, including COVID-19—and effects of many of them have been proven by modern scientific research or by clinical use.

In China, traditional herbs were officially widely used to prevent and treat SARS during the pandemic in 2003, and also for treatment of those struck by the 2009 pandemic of H1N1 influenza.[ii] [iii] [iv] [v] And even during the recent outbreak of COVID-19, both conventional and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) are used in Chinese hospitals for treatment of patients infected with the new coronavirus. [vi] [vii] [viii]  In fact, many provinces in China issued prevention and control programs based on TCM.[ix] Some provinces made specific recommendations for different populations such as the elderly, children, pregnant women, confirmed COVID-19 patients, medical staff, etc.

In the past decade, scientists have made a considerable effort to identify multiple-component herbal formulae in traditional Chinese medicine that act against coronaviruses, and many underlying mechanisms have been scientifically proven.[x]

This book offers practical information available to date about the novel coronavirus and presents the most powerful natural antivirals that have the potential to prevent and treat COVID-19. These natural means lower the chances for the virus to survive in the organism and replicate. They have the potential to boost your immune system against the coronavirus and its future mutations, but they are usually wide-spectrum remedies that will enhance your immunity against many other pathogens.

Moreover, we’ll present the current pandemic in the light of metaphysics, discussing its potential to make us rethink our values, realize our interconnectedness, and change the way we live.


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Book Content

What you’ll get:

  • What is a zoonotic virus?
  • Where did the new coronavirus come from – and did it evolve naturally?
  • Why is the spectrum of symptoms so wide, from none to fatal?
  • Why it’s important to know that its genome is by 80% identical with the SARS-CoV virus from 2003?

The first chapter answers all these questions and much more.

The nature—or Universe—always holds both opposites of anything, and both poison and antidote are usually to be found not far from each other. Therefore, from a transcendental and naturopathic point of view, it makes great sense to look for a cure exactly there where the disease emerged.

But there’s also a more down-to-earth reason for seeking a remedy against COVID-19 in China – a very pragmatic and scientific one.

…refreshing your high-school biology knowledge…

Don’t worry, just the interesting stuff. Don’t you want to know why different viruses only attack certain hosts (humans/mice/cows…), and why they focus only on certain cell types (e.g. respiratory tract in case of coronavirus)?

For those interested in the exact underlying mechanisms of herbal antivirals, it’s helpful to get to know some basic building stones of the coronavirus.

We’ll have a look at the virus’s structural proteins, nonstructural proteins, and the principle how it invades a host cell.

A very brief chapter outlining our approach.

  • Strategies aiming on the virus
  • Strategies aiming on the host
  • Approach of the Traditional Chinese medicine
The presented herbs and products can be used for prevention as well as for acute (supportive) treatment of viral infections, especially the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. This chapter provides a very clear usage guide to the further listed remedies.
The most powerful and safe remedies and foods for both prevention and treatment of confirmed cases.
Traditional Chinese formulas (combinations of multiple herbs in specific ratios) that have been used for thousands of years in these particular combinations and are recommended for prevention and/or treatment of COVID-19. Many of their ingredients have recently been confirmed by scientific research as effective against SARS viruses.
A long list of antiviral plants and herbs used in China for prevention and treatment of viral respiratory diseases, particularly COVID-19.
Supplements, vitamins, and also foods that are easy to purchase and very good for making your body more resistant to viruses—with very low risk of any side effects. You might have many of them already at home!
The statement of Michael Ryan at WHO that “there’s no evidence masks would help” is outrageous and wrong. Hence a few truths and recommendations.
A summary of reliable sources and statements about the possible future development and impacts of the new epidemic. Will the virus stay with us?
Are microbes and infectious diseases our enemies? And should we treat them like that? And what can we learn from an epidemic like the recent COVID-19 one? We’ll discuss these and other questions, touching the very base of our existence.


What others say about the book

Elen, Germany

Elen, Germany

Heather reading a book by Lucie Olsan

Heather, USA

“I discovered a few great herbal supplements to strengthen my system while in quarantine.”
Katherine B. reading a book by Lucie Olsan

Katherine, Australia

“So much information! Not just about the coronavirus, but generally about Chinese herbal medicine and the wide spectrum of its use. I recommend this book for anyone who wants to protect themselves, boost their immune system, or just learn.”
Debbie reading a book by Lucie Olsan


“Lots of useful tips, natural treatments and practical dietary advice! A great resource for those who really want to get rid of atopic dermatitis.”

What says the author

“Nature has a remedy even for man-made issues…”

“As an ‘investigative writer’ and a naturopath, I’ve been observing the coronavirus epidemic from the beginning, questioning its origin, spread, reliability of the official news, and finally the BIG fraud with the vaccine development. So that you understand: it’s an RNA virus → it mutates quickly → any developed vaccine will be ineffective way before it’s approved. All the fuss is just about the money for the pharmaceutical industry and at the same time a means for the goverments of keeping the panic within WANTED boundaries. Now, don’t get me wrong, I do think the virus is a serious issue and I do agree with most of the measures. But it has become a political and economical tool as well – and it’s not in the interest of governments and pharma-giants to promote  natural remedies.

I knew that there are plenty of herbs containing exactly the compounds which researchers have been trying to “develop” in form of a new, probably very expensive drug. And so I decided to publish a well-researched, comprehensive self-help guidebook that lists effective natural remedies available for reasonable price to most of us.”

Lucie Olsan

Lucie Olsan

About the author

Learn about the author

Lucie Olsan is an author, naturopath, yoga teacher and therapist, seeker of truth, life-adventurer, landscape architect, and member of Mensa International. She studied in the Czech Republic, France, Spain, Denmark, and Austria, and holds a Master of Science in Landscape Architecture from the University of Copenhagen. In Denmark, she became closely familiar with the world of plants and herbs and learned about their effects on human health. Due to atopic eczema, an autoimmune skin disease from which she suffered for most of her life, she began to study natural medicine. Lucie managed to heal her skin thanks to natural treatments and a complete change of her lifestyle, and now she’s passionate about helping others to find natural solutions to various health issues.
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