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Get to know me

My name is Lucie and I am a writer, yoga therapist and teacher, healer, seeker of Truth, life-adventurer, landscape architect and graphic designer, and member of Mensa International.

What I do

I am passionate about natural solutions to challenging health issues, and I see it as my vocation to do as much as I can to help others. I share my experience with natural healing and health, yogic lifestyle, travels, and books – often from a perspective that is different to the mainstream but not fanatically extreme (that goes for my approach to yoga, veganism, vaccination, ecology, and other things).

Where I come from

The same like you: the universal Source. I was born in the Czech Republic one year before the fall of the Iron Curtain and grew up in the ’90s – a time of excitement about the gained freedom from the communist goverments in the Eastern Europe.

Education & Carreer

I had the opportunity to study at great primary and secondary schools in Czech and France, and was blessed by having exceptional language teachers and supportive parents. Later I studied at universities in Spain, Denmark, the United Kingdom, and Austria. In 2016, I gained a Master of Science in Landscape Architecture from the University of Copenhagen, and since then have worked in Vienna (Austria), Munich (Germany), and Sydney (Australia).



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Further Education, Courses & Certificates

Health & Medicine

Diploma in Yoga Therapy 50h, Terramedus Akademie für Gesundheit, Munich (Germany) (2019)

Food as Medicine: Food and Our Genome, Monash University (Australia) (2017)

Introduction to Food & Health, The Stanford University School of Medicine (USA) (2017)

The Science of Everyday Thinking, The University of Queensland (Australia) (2014)



The River of Indian and Tibetan Buddhism, a course by Robert Thurman, Columbia University (USA) (2020)

Flowing with the Breath – Asana & Vinyasa Theory and Practice, workshop with Leslie Kaminoff, Melbourne (Australia) (2020)

Philosophy and Theming Certificate 50h, teachers Rachael Coopes and Aimee Pedersen, Sydney (Australia) (2019)

Super Sequencing Certificate 50h, teacher Noelle Connolly, Sydney (Australia) (2019)

Diploma in Yoga Therapy 50h, Terramedus Akademie für Gesundheit, Munich (Germany) (2019)

Yoga Teacher Certificate 200h, Akshi Yogashala, Rishikesh, India (2019)



Cultural Astronomy and Astrology (MA), University of Wales (2015-2016)

Certificate in Medieval Astrology, a course by Robert Zoller (2016)

Humanistic and Transpersonal Astrology, a course by Pavel Turnovský, Prague (Czech Republic) (2013-2014)

A more philosophical note

Who am I?

I am who He is and I am who You are.

To identify and describe means to limit. Therefore, I just say: ∞ (infinity). Everything.

As long as we identify ourselves with our job, educational background, nationality, race, gender, or social roles, we live in delusion. All of that is constantly changing, evolving, and each of us has infinite possibilities to express our very substance. Therefore the tantric mantra Ham Sa, as from the Sanskrit ahaṃ sa, or so’ham asmi (सोऽहमस्मि) meaning  “I am that.” [Upanishads]

Each of us is part of the whole, and at the same time the wholeness itself.


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