Help with Atopic Eczema

Are you ready to heal atopic eczema in simple 8 Steps?

Conventional medicine hasn’t helped you so far? Well, it can’t, because it doesn’t deal with primary causes of a disease. Let’s have a look at atopic dermatitis in a very different way …

Did you know we can control our genes? Through our way of life, we can either trigger or dampen genetic predispositions to certain conditions. Eating specific foods can regulate our genes and significantly help with atopic eczema.

Do you want to treat your dermatitis purely naturally? Many natural therapies have been used in traditional folk medicine, recently scientifically proven and have their deserved place in this book.

Have you already dealt with mental causes and purpose (!) of atopic eczema? This book explains all aspects of the disease that go deep to its genetic and emotional roots.

Natural Solutions to ATOPIC ECZEMA

Heal Your Skin in 8 Steps

Published: June 12, 2019;  ISBN-13: 978-3982010885;  Paperback: 159 Pages

This book presents holistic, natural solutions to atopic eczema (also known as atopic dermatitis) based on natural medicine, newest scientific research, and the author’s own experience. The author, who suffered from eczema herself, reveals its causes, suggests dietary and lifestyle changes, and lists many effective treatments that aim on the physical body as well as psyche and soul. You’ll learn about the newest discoveries in the area of epigenetics, and find out how you can regulate genes associated with atopic eczema in a natural way. The author stresses the uniqueness of each of us, and approaches atopic eczema as an impulse to a healthy way of living and to a deeper understanding of one’s own, unique life path.

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Book Content

8 Steps to Heal Atopic Eczema

By changing your diet, you can significantly reduce or completely eliminate the most severe symptoms. We’ll have a look at gut flora and its connection to the skin and the immune system. I’ll introduce foods you should avoid as well as those you should include in your diet. You’ll stop supplying your body with substances that weaken and harm it, and the organism will be ready for the next step.
After adapting your diet and preventing harmful substances from entering your body, you’ll cleanse it from already accumulated pollutants and toxins.
We’re exposed to increasing amounts of chemicals, poisons, and pollutants, so lifestyle adjustments as well as cleaning your immediate environment is very important. You’ll gradually reduce all potential allergens and poisons that we normally encounter in everyday life.
Since AD is genetically conditioned, we’ll also focus on gene regulation. I’ll introduce a number of plants and natural products that have the ability to positively influence genes responsible for the protective function of the skin. It will lead to a better blood circulation, hydration, and flexibility of the skin.
I’ll introduce a number of dietary supplements that support the whole hea­ling process from within. These include vitamins, minerals, and a variety of plant extracts that prevent inflammation of the skin and support its development and regeneration.
A lot of healing plants can be used both internally and externally to nourish the skin and improve your overall health. Substances contained in these plants help with skin construction, regeneration, and have anti-inflammatory effects.
In this step, we‘ll focus mainly on external treatments and preventive measures that can alleviate symptoms, bring relief from pain and itching, and benefit overall health. These include Schuessler’s salts, baths, wraps, ointments, acupressure, climatotherapy, and balneotherapy.
At the end, we’ll deal with the psychological, mental, and spiritual aspects that are associated with AD. Together, we immerse ourselves in the depths of the most subtle, often unrecognized mental patterns and issues. This last step of our therapy brings the metaphysical aspect of AD to light and provides stimuli for the final stage of the treatment.


What others say about the book

James Grange

James Grange

Emily, USA

“Amazingly informative, concise, practical and very helpful. I have suffered from atopic dermatitis since childhood, and following the advice in this book has helped me to finally heal my skin. Thank you!”

Lizzy, Australia

“This book is truly exceptional. It helped me change my life and cure my eczema for good.

Lucie Olsan, the author

“I deeply believe that the new, edited English version is even better than the German original, which has earned attention among atopic patients as well as professionals and press.”

Ryan, Canada

“Lots of useful tips, natural treatments and practical dietary advice! A great resource for those who really want to get rid of atopic dermatitis.”

What says the author

“It is my greatest wish that my book helps as many people as possible.”

“I have 30 years of experience with atopic eczema. Eventually, I healed my skin thanks to natural medicine, and now I want to help you do the same. In a holistic and purely natural way.

I was born in 1988 as a completely healthy baby. However, when I was 10 months old, first signs of atopic dermatitis and various allergies appeared. I suffered from this condition until teen-age, having tried all kinds of therapies and treatments. With hormonal changes, the symptoms disappeared by themselves for some time. However, later in my early twenties, my eczema reappeared at full strength, making me seek a definitive solution again. At that time, I didn’t even bother to turn to the conventional Western medicine anymore, as I knew it hadn’t helped me when I was a child. I questioned its very principles. Conventional medicine doesn’t cure causes of chronic diseases; it merely suppresses them. This often leads to an expression of the cause in another form, such as allergy or asthma. Thanks to natural medicine, I finally overcame atopic eczema.

I wanted to share my experience and knowledge and help others who suffer from eczema, so I decided to create a one-of-a-kind self-help book based both on my personal experience and more than 135 sources of the latest scientific evidence. The book combines scientific perspectives with those of spirituality. It provides an insight into the spiritual message of atopic eczema and challenges the reader to rethink the purpose (!) of their disease and of their life as a whole.

In summer 2018, I published the first version of the book in German language. In May 2019, an updated and edited version in English was published, and it is my greatest wish that my work helps as many people as possible.”

Lucie Olsan

Lucie Olsan


The essential topics of the book include:

Why are natural treatments the only possible way

Dietary and lifestyle changes

Numerous medicinal plants for internal & external use

Instructions for regulation of the responsible genes

Deep mental and spiritual causes

Tricks, and instructions on how to heal

… and many more inspiring tips that gradually lead to a relief from symptoms and a happy life without eczema.

About the author

Learn about the author

Lucie Olsan is an author, life-adventurer, yoga teacher, seeker of truth, landscape architect and member of Mensa International. She is also a student of naturopathy. She studied in the Czech Republic, France, Spain, Denmark, and Austria, and holds a Master of Science in Landscape Architecture from the University of Copenhagen. Between 2016-2019, she lived in Munich; since August 2019, she’s based in Sydney, Australia.

Lucie has spent her childhood and part of her adult life with severe symptoms of atopic eczema, which the conventional Western medicine is unable to cure. In her early twenties, she began to seek deep causes of the disease and natural ways to cure it. During her studies at the University of Copenhagen, she became closely familiar with the world of plants and herbs and learned about their effects on human health. Thanks to self‐study, natural medicine, and a complete change of lifestyle, she managed to cure her skin.


Reviews of the German original

It was only in this book that I learned helpful information about epigenetics and possible methods of controlling my genes.
Nadine K.

Born with atopic eczema


Reviewed on

I have read many books on this subject, but none really helped me. This book did. It was extremely enriching and helpful, but it is only for people with a certain openness to new things!

Amazon Customer


Reviewed on

I’ve learned many interesting tips & instructions I hadn’t read before.

Korbinian H.

Since we started to follow the practical recommendations from this book, the symptoms of my youngest son have improved significantly. With no itching, we all sleep much better now!
Petra H.

Mother of two


Reviewed on

I like the book very much. It is written in a comprehensible way, and if you follow the advice, it definitely helps. Our little daughter has severe atopic dermatitis and we didn’t know what else to try. Thanks to this book, we got it under control and now we know on what to focus.


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