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Your self-help guide to atopic eczema

Cure of atopic eczema

Conventional medicine hasn’t helped you so far? Well, it can’t, because it doesn’t deal with primary causes of a disease. Let’s have a look at atopic dermatitis in a very different way …

Did you know we can control our genes? Through our way of life, we can either trigger or dampen genetic predispositions to certain conditions. Eating specific foods can regulate our genes and significantly help with atopic eczema.

Do you want to treat your neurodermatitis purely naturally? Many natural therapies have been used in traditional folk medicine, recently scientifically proven and have their deserved place in this book.

Have you already dealt with mental causes and purpose (!) of your atopic eczema?

This book explains all aspects of the disease that go deep to genetic and emotional causes. The book is based on the author’s life-long experience, on the knowledge of naturopathy and on the latest scientific evidence.

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